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To remove the adenoids or to wait?
Third amygdala. What role does it play in the body? Can adenoids affect a child's academic performance? Operation is done. Do you need further treatment? ...The child's mouth is always…

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To remove the adenoids or to wait?

Third amygdala. What role does it play in the body?

Can adenoids affect a child’s academic performance?

Operation is done. Do you need further treatment?

…The child’s mouth is always half open. He does not even close it in his sleep, he snorts, snores, often wakes up and gets up in the morning sluggish, with a headache. An experienced doctor, even in appearance may suggest that he has adenoids.

Adenoid tissue, or the third amygdala, is only in children. It develops by about 3 — 6 months, after 12 years it begins to gradually decrease, by 16 — 20 years it becomes almost invisible, and at an older age it is completely absent.

What role is intended by the nature of this almond? According to the otolaryngologist V. I. Voyachek, the third amygdala, entering the pharyngeal ring, creates an additional barrier for pathogenic agents, filtering the air inhaled through the nose, and thereby protecting the larynx, bronchi and lungs.

But this is only as long as its size remains normal. Under the influence of frequent infectious diseases that cause an inflammatory reaction of lymphoid tissue, the third amygdala can grow and close the entrance to the nasal cavity That’s when the child begins to breathe through the mouth. The overgrown amygdala not only ceases to be a barrier to the pathogens of respiratory diseases, it. on the contrary, provokes them, as in its folds and furrows begin to accumulate pathogenic microbes. A hotbed of smoldering infection continually threatened by fire — and indeed, companion of the adenoids to become sore throat, tracheitis, bronchitis. The child often hurts his ears, he is haunted by persistent runny nose.

Long-term violation of nasal breathing worsens the supply of oxygen to the body, and this affects not only the state of health, but even the performance of the child: it becomes scattered, inattentive. In addition, growing, adenoid tissue often clogs the auditory tube, because of this, the ventilation of the middle ear is disturbed and hearing is reduced, purulent from the ear may appear.

In a child who constantly breathes with his mouth, the facial skeleton develops incorrectly: the lower jaw droops, the upper one seems to be squeezed. what disrupts the process of tooth formation. The upper incisors begin to protrude forward.

And few people know that even the development of the chest, even the curves of the spine can vary depending on improper breathing, That’s how far extends the negative impact of the expanded third tonsil.

Of course, all these changes do not occur immediately. And it is clear that the sooner the child will be provided with assistance, the better you can warn them.

As a rule, the treatment is surgical — enlarged adenoids are removed. Hearing from the doctor that the operation is necessary, parents are usually upset. And in every way they try to postpone the unpleasant moment when it is necessary to lead the child to an otolaryngologist. And waiting is only to the detriment.

I can assure you that the operation is a little painful and technically simple. Analgesia is used, and also in a completely harmless way: the operating field is lubricated with an anesthetic solution or buried this solution in the nose, and then the doctor introduces a special tool into the child’s wide-open mouth, gripping the overgrown almond, one movement — and the “gag” that prevented breathing, which brought so much trouble, is removed!

But, like every operation, removal of adenoids requires preparation it is Necessary to visit the dentist with the child and if there are sick teeth. be sure to cure them. Pre-appoint a blood clotting test. If it is lowered, the doctor usually prescribes vitamin K in tablets. Take it for three days one tablet three times a day.

After surgery, the child should be 3 — 4 days to create a bed or at least semi-bed rest. Make sure that it does not overheat, do not give him hot tea, hot milk. Food should be cold or warm. The first day the child is eating cereal. jelly, vegetable and fruit purees, ground meat. Some children and after the operation, not of necessity, but out of habit I continue to breathe through the mouth. This needs to be watched.

The third amygdala does not have a capsule, it is not sharply delimited, and gives a tongue – shaped growths in the underlying tissue. Therefore, complete removal of adenoids is impossible and some children eventually grow up again. To prevent such relapses is very useful before surgery and after a course of anti-inflammatory treatment, the Doctor usually prescribes irrigation of the nasopharynx with various drugs. It can be carried out at home, using a special hand spray for liquid drugs. Such sprayers are sold in pharmacies to Use them just do Not forget to warm up the medicine.

Anti-inflammatory treatment does not replace surgery. Only in those cases, until adenoids increased little and do not have a negative effect on the body (or there are contraindications to surgery). the doctor may limit himself to such treatment.

Indications for surgery are determined not by age, but by the condition of the child. Sometimes adenoids have to be removed even in infants, because for them the growth of adenoid tissue is especially painful.

Many people ask: are there any new, more effective methods of treatment? While it is possible to speak about the first experiences of application of the laser, the attempts of irradiation of x-rays that cause wrinkling of the adenoids. But these methods require further improvement.

Today, the safest and most reliable surgical removal of adenoids remains. If your child is assigned such an operation — I do not advise to delay!

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