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Urethritis (inflammatory disease of the urethra) is a common cause of many serious complications. In men, the infection from here can easily spread to the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, glans and foreskin. And this has a negative effect on sexual function and can even lead to infertility.

When the first signs of urethritis appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Depending on the cause, it caused, distinguish between venereal urethritis and non-venereal urethritis. At the same time, urethritis is referred to venereal urethritis not only of a gonorrheal nature, but also of any other, if the infection occurred during sexual intercourse. Non-venereal urethritis can develop as a result of the introduction of infection with the blood stream from inflamed tonsils, boils, or another festering hearth in the body or during influenza and other infectious diseases. But more often, there is still a venereal urethritis and, above all, gonorrheal urethritis.

In the acute period, it is not difficult to recognize urethritis. After 3 to 4 days after infection, yellowish-white creamy pus is abundantly secreted from the urethra, there is a strong cutting pain when urinating. This usually causes the patient to seek medical attention. It is better if in such a case the man goes to the dermatovenerologic dispensary. Then acute gonorrheal urethritis succeeds. It is usually cured quickly and without consequences. And if you start the disease, you can develop a narrowing of the urethra, prostatitis and epididymitis, which is difficult to fight.

It is more difficult to treat trichomonas urogenital lesions Men. Its symptoms are not so pronounced, Therefore, as a rule, patients do not seek medical attention. Trichomonas urethritis begins about 15 days after infection. Manifestations of his scanty: minor mucous discharge from the urethra. slight itching and burning when urinating. Sometimes the disease does not manifest itself. After infection with Trichomonas vaginalis, to which the mucous membrane of the urethra of a man is relatively stable, he does not always develop urethritis, but becomes a carrier and carrier of the infection.

Since Trichomonas urethritis is difficult to recognize, it often becomes the cause of Trichomonas prostatitis, epididymitis and other diseases. Recently, clinicians believe that Trichomonas can get into the kidneys and cause pyelonephritis and give impetus to the development of kidney stones. That is why it is important to timely refer to the dermatovenerologic dispensary at the place of residence, even the manifestations of urethritis were not very pronounced. In such cases, you can quickly heal the patient, because in the arsenal of modern medicine there are a variety of powerful tools to combat infection.

During the treatment of urethritis sex is unacceptable.

A doctor’s analysis of the discharge from the urethra helps to find out which microorganisms caused the disease. A urine test is also done in two portions (at the beginning and end of urination). In addition, there is a so-called two-glass test: the patient begins to urinate in one glass, and continues in another. When urethritis flakes, thread. turbidity will be only in the first glass. Approximately, the doctor can determine the nature of the discharge: purulent flakes and threads quickly settle to the bottom. and consisting of mucus continue to float.

Treatment depends on the results of the analysis, mainly on the type of pathogen urethritis. Appointed by one or other anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agents. At the same time, abundant drinking (water, tea, milk) up to 2.5 – 3 liters per day (if there is no edema) and a strict diet with the exception of spicy food (mustard, pepper, smoked meat, pickles, pickles) and alcohol in any form is recommended.

Such a diet must be followed for at least another month after the end of treatment, even with good health. For the same period it is recommended to stop sex life. If you do not comply with these conditions, it is premature, for example, to abandon the diet, urethritis may relapse, it becomes chronic.

Chronic urethritis is an acute outcome in those cases where the patient or later turned to the doctor, or did not complete the prescribed course of treatment, or violated the regimen recommended by the diet.

In chronic urethritis, discharge from the urethra is scanty or completely absent, there is no cutting pain in the urethra, or it is insignificant. However, these symptoms should not be overlooked. Consult a doctor! Chronic urethritis is curable, but it requires perseverance and patience from the patient. Diet and mode are the same. However, do not forget that completely neglected chronic urethritis is very difficult to cure. And at an early stage, the disease is better treatable.

The most effective way to prevent urethritis – streamlining sex, the rejection of casual sex. Unfortunately, not all men are aware of the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and are least of all afraid of infecting young men and young people. I would not want a warning to serve their own sad experience. After an accidental sexual intercourse, it is necessary to apply to the dermatovenerologic dispensary, especially if something is bothering you.

It is extremely important to disclose the source of infection and bring a partner to treatment. This is especially necessary because gonorrheal infection in women is asymptomatic. The inflammatory process in them is more often localized in the vagina (colpitis) and less often in the urethra. Therefore, a woman infected with gonorrhea, often unaware of her illness, does not consult a doctor and becomes a source of reinfection of her partner.

The opposite picture is observed with trichomoniasis: in women, trichomonas colpit occurs with copious frothy secretions, accompanied by pain. And here she goes to the gynecologist.

In men, as already mentioned, Trichomonas urethritis has no vivid clinical manifestations. And they do not go to the doctor. And with gonorrhea and trichomoniasis (as in any case of non-specific venereal urethritis), both partners must be examined and treated. even in the absence of complaints from one of them to urethritis.

Not to mention the role played in the prevention of urethritis waiver of alcohol abuse. As is known, systematically drinkers lead, as a rule, promiscuous sex life, and therefore they are much more often infected with venereal urethritis. In addition, we can not ignore the irritating effects of alcohol on the mucous membrane of the urethra. This contributes to urethritis, its more severe course, worsens the results of treatment. And finally, weakening the body. especially the central nervous system, chronic alcoholism lowers resistance to all diseases, including urethritis.

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