First of all, try to adjust the regime of the day, do not allow in the work of assault, rummaging, which inevitably leads to overexertion, stress. Try in any weather…

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The only reliable remedy for tetanus - this deadly disease - is vaccination. Do not risk the lives of your children! Make sure your child gets the full course of…

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Chlamydia conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis, that is, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, is known to many. But not everyone knows about chlamydial conjunctivitis, which is often encountered by ophthalmologists. The causative…

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This disease is the result of a violation of protein metabolism, more precisely, the exchange of the so-called purine bases that make up the nucleic acids of proteins. Translated from the Greek, the term “gout” means “trap”. This quite fully reflects its main manifestation – paroxysmal pain in the joints.

It has long been noted that gout is often transmitted by succession. DEVELOPING IN MOST CASES IN MEN 40 to 60 YEARS AND SIGNIFICANTLY LESS IN WOMEN. ILLNESSES ILLNESS IN MAJOR IMAGE. WHO GOES. INCLUDES IN THE RATION IN EXCESSIVE QUANTITIES MEAT AND OTHER PRODUCTS CONTAINING PURIN BASES. Purine metabolism can also be disturbed in those who abuse grape wines, in particular, champagne, beer, coffee, chocolate. By the way, purine bases are also found in such drugs as caffeine, theobromine, xanthine. In the doses prescribed by the doctor, these drugs have healing powers. But those. who takes these drugs without a prescription, and therefore, in arbitrary doses, they can cause undesirable changes in the body.

In patients with gout due to impaired purine metabolism, the breakdown of uric acid is slowed down. Her crystals linger primarily in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system. In the area of ​​the joints or on the auricles, various sizes of dense gouty nodes are formed. They sometimes ulcerate, and a white crumbly mass consisting of urate salts is released from the fistula.

Violation of purine metabolism is accompanied by a violation of fat (lipid) metabolism. Therefore, in many patients, body weight increases, atherosclerosis of the aorta and coronary arteries progresses, coronary heart disease develops, and arterial pressure steadily increases. Gout often accompanied by diabetes, cholelithiasis. significant changes occur in the kidneys.

GUTTING APPROACHES, AND THEIR PROPOSED THEIR ALCOHOL RECEPTION, REDUCTION, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL RELEASE, BEGINS NORMALLY NIGHTLY EXTERIORLY STRONGLY PAIN. It occurs predominantly in the joint of the big toe, but it can also grip other joints. They quickly swell, the skin over them turns red, sometimes the body temperature rises significantly, By morning the pain subsides, but at night everything repeats. This goes on for 3 – 5 nights.


Recently, more common chronic forms of gout, occurring, as a rule, without acute attacks. But the affected joints of the thumbs, wrist, elbow, knee joints increase in volume, and pain appears in the movement.

AT THE ORDER OF THE DOCTOR IT IS MUCH MORE EFFICIENT MEANS OF FIGHT AGAINST Gout. AMONG THERE ARE THE DRUGS, BLOCKING ENZYME, PARTICIPATING IN URIC ACID SYNTHESIS. This makes it possible to reduce the formation of urate salts in the blood serum and thereby prevent their deposition in the tissues, joints, and kidneys.

The complex of drugs includes painkillers that promote the excretion of urate salts – urates from the body, and the removal of inflammatory phenomena. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PREPARATIONS ARE APPOINTED FOR A LONG TERM. They are introduced into the joint or impose on it in the form of applications. Mineral waters are also recommended.

GOOD TREATMENT EFFECT IN THE PERIOD WHEN THERE IS NO EXCITATION, GIVE BALNEOLOGICAL METHODS OF TREATMENT, for example, radon sources Tskaltubo, Thermal sulfide sources of Tbilisi, thermal waters of Kamchatka. Significantly alleviate the suffering of patients with gout and other spa resorts. In central Russia, it is Khilovo. Kashin, Babushkinsky resort, Totma, Krainka; in the Volga region – Sergievsky mineral waters; in the Urals – Spruce, Keys, Yagantau Krasnousolsk, Guy; in Buryat Autonomous Okrug – Arshan, Goryazhensk. Yamarovka, Darasun, Yamkun.

However, the main thing in the treatment of gout is dietary nutrition, which contributes to the normalization of the purine metabolism, decalcification of urine and increase the solubility of uric acid and its salts. Food products that are poor in surplus grounds are recommended: milk, chicken eggs, Suluguni cheese and Swiss, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, white and black bread, vegetables, rice, apples, pears and other fruits, plums, wild berries, walnuts.

Beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, geese, duck, sardine, coffee, cocoa are strictly limited. Liver, kidneys, brains, meat and fish products (broths, fish soup), mushrooms, sorrel, spinach, peas, beans, chocolate are completely excluded from the diet.

It is necessary to abandon the dishes and drinks that excite the nervous system – spicy snacks, smoked meats, spices, strong tea and, of course, from alcoholic beverages. If there are no irregularities in the heart and kidneys, you can increase the amount of fluid up to 2 liters per day. Fruit and vegetable fasting days are recommended once a week.

HIGHLY USEFUL PATIENTS WITH GYL GYL CULTURE. They strengthen the nervous system, improve metabolism. The amount of exercise should always be coordinated with your doctor.

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