Stress - what is it?
Nervous, worried, overstrained ... These words became almost our constant companions. And not by chance. Mechanization and automation of production, a sharp limitation of motor activity, an increase in the…

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About half of men aged 20 to 50 suffer from chronic prostatitis - inflammation of one of the internal genital organs - the prostate (prostate). It is located around the…

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The hypothalamus owes its name to what is located at the base of the brain in the hypothalamus region. Translated from the Latin hypothalamus, there is a hypothalamus. This is…

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Meat is a valuable food product. It has a lot of animal protein, which is the main structural element of all body tissues. The protein content in meat varies depending on the type and category within the following limits: in 100 grams of mutton – from 15.6 to 19.8 grams of beef – from 18.6 to 20 grams, meat pork – 14.3 grams, meat of chicken – from 18.2 to 20.8 gram.

Meat is rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron and other minerals: it contains almost all the vitamins. it is especially high in the content of vitamins of group B.

But, despite the advantages of this product, it should not be included at all in the diet, guided by the principle: the more, the better. To determine how much meat you need. use the table. There are more of it. than indicated in the table is not recommended. And that’s why. In addition to useful nutrients, meat contains purine bases, and in the process of their metabolism, uric acid is formed in the body. If it accumulates a lot, the permeability of the capillaries of the renal nephrons may be disturbed. develop gout, osteochondrosis and other diseases.

Recently there have been studies. showing that excessive consumption of meat reduces the body’s immune reactivity, and this. In turn, leads to a decrease in its resistance to various diseases.

According to the norms of a rational balanced diet, a person needs an average of 45 grams of animal protein per day. At the same time, in 100 grams of meat it contains much less than the required standard. To compensate for the deficit of animal protein can be due to fish, cottage cheese, milk, eggs.

If there is a meat dish once a day, it is better during lunch, and for breakfast or dinner fish, cottage cheese, a glass of milk, you will fully satisfy the body’s need for animal protein.

Moreover, without any damage to health, it is possible to exclude meat from the diet, 1–2 and even 3 times a week, replacing it with fish or other protein products of animal origin. Fish contains large amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid. reduces blood clotting, which is very important for the elderly.

You should know that all protein products are interchangeable.

100 GRAMS OF MEAT can be replaced with 175 grams of fish. 480 grams of milk. 115 grams of cottage cheese:

100 GRAMS OF FISH – 60 grams of meat, 300 grams of milk, 70 grams of cottage cheese. 1.5 eggs:

100 GRAMS OF THE GENTLE – 400 grams of milk. 2 eggs. 85 grams of meat. 150 grams of fish:

1 EGG – 150 grams of milk, 40 grams of cottage cheese. 40 grams of meat. 60 grams of fish;

100 GRAMS OF MILK – 25 grams of cottage cheese, 20 grams of meat. 35 grams of fish. 2/3 eggs.

Many are interested: is it possible to live without meat at all? As a nutritionist, physiologist. I would answer: you can. After all, the amino acid composition of the egg, for example, is even more biologically valuable than meat. and. including eggs. milk and other protein foods in the diet, the person will not experience a protein deficiency.

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