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Bronchospastic syndrome

Spasm of the bronchi is usually accompanied by shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. A person is not able to cough up, free his lungs from sputum. This is primarily due to a sharp narrowing of the bronchi and a violation of their patency. The combination of these symptoms, or, as experts say, bronchospastic syndrome, is often observed in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema of the lungs.

Such patients should carefully follow the doctor’s prescription. In addition to antibiotics, expectorant drugs, he usually recommends taking bronchodilator drugs to prevent and relieve bronchospasm. Which ones will prescribe a doctor. depends on whether bronchospasm is associated with hypersensitivity to certain allergens, or with congenital altered reactivity of the adrenoreceptors of the smooth muscles of the bronchi, or lack of activity in the body of certain enzymes or other biochemical systems. Especially often provoke bronchospastic syndrome contact with allergens, exposure to cold air, exercise.

At the disposal of clinicians there are means that prevent the release of biologically active substances, usually formed in the body during allergic reactions and causing a spasm of the muscles of the bronchi. These drugs are usually used prophylactically. There are means that stimulate adrenoreceptors, which in turn, causes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. They are prescribed not only for prophylaxis, but also for relieving an already developed bronchospasm,

And finally, in the complex treatment of bronchospastic syndrome, glucocorticoids are used to reduce the reactivity of the smooth muscles of the bronchi to allergenic factors. As you can see, each group of drugs has its own direction of action. And because a big mistake is made by those who take a particular drug on the advice of friends, acquaintances. Self-treatment, as a rule, not only does not bring relief to the patient, but can also worsen the condition and cause serious complications. Prescribe treatment should be a specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the nature of his disease.

In recent years, along with tablets, candles and ampoules, metered aerosols of bronchodilator drugs (pocket inhalers) have become widespread.

It is very valuable that the drug, administered by inhalation, enters directly into the bronchi and lungs. In this regard, it became possible to create the necessary therapeutic drug concentrations directly in the airways and not in the blood, which minimizes adverse reactions from other organs and body systems. And one more positive feature of aerosols is that a small dose of the drug. In addition, the aerosol flows evenly from the pocket inhalers, which ensures the accuracy of the dosage.

At the same time, the simplicity and convenience of using a pocket inhaler / 1meet and negative consequences, Us. doctors, can not but be disturbed by the danger of the wide and sometimes uncontrolled use of active bronchodilators. Some patients, ignoring the advice of a doctor, use an inhaler more often than he recommended. And this leads to an overdose of the drug, which causes severe adverse reactions. Therefore, we would like to draw attention to the tactics of the patient when he suffocates a choking attack.

The developed attack should be immediately eliminated. If this is not done immediately, after the spasm increases the formation of mucus, which further violates the patency of the bronchi. They are tightly clogged with viscous sputum. It is because of this that it is sometimes so difficult to stop a prolonged attack of asthma in a patient who did not take the medicine in a timely manner. In such cases, it is necessary to seek emergency medical care. But besides the fact that the medicine must be taken quickly, at the very beginning of the attack. It is equally important to do it right.

Before the beginning of inhalation, shake the bottle, bring the nebulizer to your mouth at a distance of 2 to 3 centimeters, make a full exhalation and simultaneously inhale the exhaust valve vigorously through the mouth inhale the aerosol. After you inhale the medication, you need to hold the exhalation for as long as possible. Then the smallest particles of aerosol will have time to settle on the mucous membrane of the bronchi and fully show their bronchodilator effect. As a rule, after 20 to 30 seconds after inhalation it becomes easier to breathe. After a minute or two, again inhale the medicine from the inhaler.

The dose of the drug introduced into the body in two breaths, provides the maximum strength and duration (approximately 6 – 8 hours) bronchodilator effect.

Numerous clinical observations show that if the aerosol is inhaled more than two times, the effectiveness of the drug will not increase, but the risk of its side effects will increase. The side effect of bronchodilator drugs is indicated by increased heart rate, the appearance of arrhythmias, dry mouth, and hand tremors.

So, the OPTIMAL TERRITORY AFTER INHALATION, IT IS GOOD TO DRINK THE GLASS OF DRAIN OF HERBS THAT HAVE A RELIGIOUS ACTION (palas, pine buds, thyme, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, cyanosis, Althea root, licorice, ipecacana). The broth is prepared for the night and drink warmed.

In the case of a patient, a patient is deprived of his or her power. DEPARTURE OF THE ABOVE HERBS. After 15 – 20 minutes, it usually becomes easier to breathe, sputum begins to depart, the maximum effect of the drug comes after 40 – 60 minutes. The duration of the therapeutic effect is up to 5 hours.

THEOFEDRIN AND EFEDRIN ARE NOT NECESSARY TO TAKE FOR A NIGHT, AS SOON THEY ARE EXCITING. It happens that the drug, which is well removed from the patient an attack of suffocation, ceases to help him. Most often this is due to, for example, that the swelling of their mucous membranes has joined the spasm of the bronchi and, as a result, the drainage function is impaired. Patients should be aware that in such cases it is impossible to increase the dose yourself or change the drug to “more effective.” For advice and help, you should certainly contact your doctor.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that all bronchodilator drugs are auxiliary. Their action is aimed at preventing or stopping the developed bronchospastic syndrome. They do not eliminate the cause of the disease, but only help to relieve its acutely increasing symptoms. Therefore, do not forget that, along with bronchodilator therapy, treatment is necessary for the underlying disease – asthma, bronchitis, emphysema.

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